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We share your serious interest in the big picture of reality which humanity calls "the universe" and are very pleased that you are making contact.  We hope that you'll include stories of UFO or other paranormal experiences so we can have more content for this web site.

Please note that although the fields in the online contact form on this page are not required, we do hope that you will, with your message, at least include your location (e.g., Galaxy, Planet, and Country) so we can get a general idea of where you are (the internet is not known for its completeness in this regard, especially for those who are using the internet from a space craft).

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We believe in maintaining privacy, and will never reveal who you are without first obtaining your permission to do so.  We don't share eMail addresses either because spam (a.k.a., junk eMail) increases connectivity (and other) operational costs for internet providers.

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