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The plan for this web site is to build a central repository of UFO sightings (text descriptions or photographs), abductions, and related phenomena.  We welcome all reports, experiences, and photographs, which we plan to present on this web site as soon as it's ready.  Please contact martian@ufocentre.com to arrange transmission details.

Our recent application to join the Federation of Universal Species (FUS) has been reviewed by every directing member, and planet Earth has been upgraded to "evaluation" status.  FUS is a joint cooperative non-profit group of life forms from various parts of the universe who are dedicated to the protection of universal freedom for all species.  The Federation obtains its funding by providing a secure and reliable means of universal communication, trade, and commerce-related services including banking and currency exchange.

Now that the FUS' review process is complete, we have begun preparing the contents of this web site for public consumption and have opened our newsgroup server to the general public through web-based forums in addition to standard newsreader software:

Thank you for visiting, and we wish you a safe journey home (where ever that happens to be -- please tell us about it).  In the meantime, the videos on the right-hand side of this web page are usually entertaining ... enjoy!

EXCITING NEWS:  Our application for membership in The Lumber Cartel (Canadian branch) has been approved!  Thank you, Canada!

Oh yeah, and we have expanded our web "sight" with a list of interesting links.

RFC-compliance:  Be universal!  Make sure your technological systems comply with RFC 1437 which describes the "matter-transport/sentient-life-form" MIME type.

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